Airseal is a professional company that offers Customs Brokerage and Consultancy services to its clients. We ensure your peace of mind by utilising our connections with Kuching Port customs and adhering to the policies and regulations with competitive rates.

Customs Clearance

We maintain a database that is regularly audited to ensure that the correct information is being reported to customs, as well as to ensure the maximum savings for our valued clients. We work to decrease cost wherever possible by keeping the amount of Customs Duties to a minimum.

As members of the Sarawak Freight Forwarding Association (SFFA),

Airseal offers a wide range of customs related services, including but not limited to:

– Prepare customs documentation and ensure that shipments meet all applicable laws to facilitate the import and export of goods.
– Determine and track duties and taxes payable and process payments on behalf of client.
– Sign documents under a power of attorney.
– Represent clients in meetings with customs officials and apply for duty refunds and tariff reclassifications.
– Coordinate transportation and storage of imported goods.